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Photo update – August

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Things are looking good for the roof garden

It’s been quite a while since the last update and a LOT has happened.

The Good

  • We have a bumper crop of tomatoes on the way, the flowers are in full bloom and we have just harvested our carrots!
  • We forgot to harvest a few things and they are now sporting flowers and attracting lots of pollinating insects – which is great for the bees.
  • We FINALLY got the water butt installed on the roof – just in time for the dry stretch!
  • We have moved to a telepathy based watering rota, which is so far working very well. We all appear at the window at the same time with jugs of water.

The Bad

  • The weather in general! Although the recent blast of hot weather has helped things come along nicely.
  • We had to relocate our greenery from one end of the roof to the other due to Air Conditioning units being installed on the roof – but it all looks much better in one place down the end now 🙂

The Ugly

  • The basil plants were pretty much decimated by moths and caterpillars!
  • The  lavender hasn’t ever really recovered from being blown about the roof in the earlier part of the year.
  • We lost a few of the smaller tom plants to the hot weather


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